Puffle Trouble video (In Portuguese)

Club Penguin has released the Puffle Trouble video! The English version has not aired yet, but, they have aired the version above. Here is the video


Two new Club Penguin Codes + Giveaway by Dhi228!

Hey earthlings! Three-eyed Peary is back! Wait, that’s me! Look at my new look from halfway to the Dead Sea! Ahh, home sweet home! Now, that mysterious shark told me a few codes which unlocked me these:

He said the one for the shirt is UFOANZUG, the mask is UFOMASKE.

This is how I look like

I also added a party hat which I got in CP’s anniversery party, which was one of my most treasured hats. To add on, my partner, Dhi228, is giving away a CJ code on his birthday, 28 May, 2001. Just enter your name into any post and your name will be put in a random name generator. Good Luck XD

Special thanks to Lebron2423 for telling the net!

New Poll!

Membership page updated- May 2012

The membership page is updated, here is what it says.

‘Prepare thyself for a new battle!’

‘Become a knight, princess or a wizard with new clothing items!’

‘Decorate your igglo with furniture fit for a king or queen… or dragon.’

‘Coming in June: Will you save or destroy the city?’

I think Herbert will be back in June to cost the EPF trouble, of course! By then, he would have been out of the action for almost a year! Just think about it. With those strange happenings in the Pizza Parlor, that bear would come back too soon! Be prepared for your life, agents :P

New Rookie EPF Message

Rookie has sent EPF agents a new message.

It says:

Hey everyone, I was in the Pizza Shop, and I overheard someone say there’s a cream soda shortage.  Is Rockhopper in town???

Nope, Rockhopper isn’t waddling around Club Penguin, and he won’t be until the Island Adventure Party in July.  Hmm… who do you think is responsible for the missing cream soda?  I believe it is Herbert.  Are you wondering why?  Check out this post.

New Log Off Messages

Club Penguin has added three log off screens.  Now, when you log off, one of the following messages will appear.

Membership ad:

Fun Activities ad:

Community Blog ad:

What do you think of these messages?  I actually think that the first one is boastful.