Dhi228's Club Penguin Cheats

Hi everyone!

While dhi228 was on Sleet (I was on too, but on another server..) I was on Cosy, ready to redo the Easter Hunt Walkthrough, when I entered the Gift Shop, forgetting I already had an Easter costume, I found ANOTHER white penguin, his name was 3d Star. Its weird because first off, CP Blizzard is broken, and that was the only which worked for a while after the 2010 November Patching and the other trainers have been in a coffin for AGES, even BEFORE the patching!

So the white penguin I met his player card was like this, I couldn’t get the picture of him as a penguin, but the shade of white IS different to the penguin tummy white.

When dhi228 said that if you be a buddy with them you get hacked, I am quite scared. Someone on YouTube did ask for more info on the…

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