Dhi228's Club Penguin Cheats

Hi everyone!

Due to dhi228’s uncropped images on the last walkthrough for this, to ensure you keep faith in this site, I have done ANOTHER walkthrough but with cropped images and a special delicious (theres a clue…) guest!

Drum roll please, presenting the Club Penguin Chocolate Easter Bunny!

Thanks Easter Bunny, thats right if you wear your prize and send a buddy request to Dj Stores aka. the Easter Bunny you can become part of the Bunny Club, I am master bunny, I have the costume, the puffle and the name, don’t try fake me, because the genuine me is above in the pictures.

Did you enjoy that walkthrough, do you think we should do walkthroughs like that more often, leave your comments below!

Happy Easter Weekend

Dj Stores


PS. Going to Science City tomorrow, I will hopefully upload some pictures, if dhi228 lets me…


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