Dhi228's Club Penguin Cheats

Hello everyone!

While me, Xbird and dhi228 were having a LIVE chat earlier on we agreed to change the site name so it doesn’t sound like it is just dhi228’s site, so we all agreed on the name Club Penguin Factz. This renaming will take place in 2 weeks time, so you all have enough notice to change all your details, like bookmarks.

I have made a little FAQ below so you know whats going to happen after the switchover and how it will affect you and us

Q: Whats going to change, is it just the name?

A: The name is going to Club Penguin Factz, and the domain (also known as URL, web address, sub-domain, whatever you call it) will also change to clubpenguinfactz.wordpress.com!

Q: You already have more than 500 views here, why are you making a whole new blog now!?

A: Its not like that, we…

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