Field Op #77 Cheats

Club Penguin has released Field Op #77.

First, go to the EPF HQ and accept the Field Op.

Go to the Recycling Plant and stand near the boxes and computer.

Then click your blinking spy phone…

…and begin the Field Op.

You have to decrypt the passcode.  “Match the shape on the right to decode the security.  Be quick – the system will lock you out in thirty seconds!” Once you have completed the Field Op, this message will appear from Gary:

It says:

“Well done Agent! Breaking through EPF security is no easy matter, but I’m not surprised you had the skill to do so. Don’t worry about a security breach. I’ll be watching that computer closely. If anyone tries to access EPF files, I’ll shut it down.”

What do you think of the field op?  Comment below with your answers!


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