New Club Penguin YouTube Video – Behind the Scenes Party Rooms

Hello everyone!

Club Penguin has once again uploaded a new video to YouTube, this time its about Party Rooms.  It also includes LOADS of sneak peeks. With the Earth Day Party coming TOMORROW (make sure to check back for the cheats) they posted it just in time for it, so enough of my jibber jabber and lets watch it!
Credit to Disney Club Penguin

It shows plenty of sneak peeks, enough for you to post on your website if you own one.  There are sneak peeks of how the Snow Forts will look during the Earth Day Party, sneak peeks of the Rock-hopper and Lion costumes, and even a sneak peek of the Dragon King near the end, which will be at the Medieval Party!  I think the Dragon King will come in this room:

This all looks SO cool! Oh and speaking of the Medieval Party take a look at what members got to explore last year!

This year I’m sure there will be even more party rooms, maybe even another quest!

So are you looking forward to the Earth Day Party, COMING TOMORROW, or the Medieval Party coming in May?


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