Earth Day Event – 2012

Hello penguins!

Since 2007 Club Penguin has been doing Coins for Change, that helps wildlife along with other causes, since 2010 they have done the Earth Day Party with an all year round vegetable snowball powered garden at the Mine Shack with a Recycling Centre as well. These were made for a celebration called Earth Day.

In 2012, they still have the Recycling Centre and Garden and NOW Club Penguin have gone out of their way to deliver a STUNNING Earth Day Room, here is the map leaflet, however see how the party room, Snow Forts, is still a battle ground on the map (highlighted in yellow).

Now to start us off, go to the Town where there will be a FREE Safari Hat!

Then waddle through the gate to the Habitat Area, replacing the Snow Forts.

Welcome to the Habitat Area!

And in the Plaza they get all ECO with a solar-powered light, I wonder how much power the Fire Ninjas could charge! Along with another gate which is green instead of blue and another chance to get the hat!

Wonder where all the costumes are from? Well they are from the catalog accessed by the bottom right corner in the Snow Forts.  Everything is 400 coins.

Written by Dj Stores – pictures by Xbird


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