Medieval Party and May Clothing Catalog Items

Club Penguin has once again updated their files, this time updating what items will be at the Medieval Party and in the May clothing catalog.  Some are returning items and others are unreleased.

The returning items are:

  • Knight Armor changed to Knight Costume
  • Iron Armour changed to Iron Armor
  • Prince Redhood Costume changed to Prince Redhood’s Costume and is now 150 coins instead of 550
  • Red Cape changed to 50 coins (formerly 200)
  • Lighthouse Pin changed from 60 coins to 0 coins and now to 60 again

The unreleased items are all members except for a pin:


  • Scorn Chest for free (only nonmember item listed)
  • Crown of the Dragon King Pin for free (members only pin)

Body Items:

  • Onyx Dragon Outfit for 600 coins

Hand Items:

  • Skyward Staff for free

Head Items:

  • Noble Helmet for free

Feet Items:

  • Onyx Dragon Feet for 250 coins

Neck Items:

  • Battle Cape for free
  • Golden Wings for 300 coins

Credit to Trainman1405 for finding these exclusives!


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