Club Penguin Field Ops #80

Field Op #80 has been released.  First off, go to the EPF Command room and accept the Field Op.

Then, go to the Ski Village and stand by the pole.

Click your green-blinking Spy Phone…

…and begin the Field Op.

Your job is to break the code.  To do so, scan symbols to find the right combination.

After completing the Field Op, you will get a message from Dot.

It says:

“Well done Agent!  You’ve definitely found an unusual signal – the only thing I’m picking up is a strange beeping sound.  Actually, the beeps are kind of catchy.  They sound a bit like music.  I wonder what they mean…”

I believe that the beeping sounds are from Herbert’s sticky bomb button from the video, Puffle Trouble.  What do you think?


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