Puffle Trouble Video In English + New Code

Hey guys, look who’s back! Of course, it’s me, Three-eyed Peary the Alien from Pearland! The Club Penguin Blog has added the Puffle Trouble video, but in English! Here is the video:

Looks like Herbert P. Bear has come up with a new scheme to stop penguin parties again! Do you think he’ll succeed? What do you think will happen next?

“As a bonus for watching our latest animated short, here’s a code to unlock a special agent item online! Go to the Unlock Items Online page and enter the code EPFAGENT.
Now it’s up to you to keep the island safe from that menacing polar bear!
Agent Happy…over and out! ;)
-The Club Penguin Team”
Whoa! New codes for the new pear in town, huh? It will unlock some cool helmet like the one we got in August 2011 for The Great Snow Race.  How generous of them! I will be back when the next blog post on CP is out!
Here is the helmet:

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