Club Penguin to Introduce Translation System!

Hi everyone!

I am a regular reader of The Daily Telegraph and I found out that Club Penguin will soon launch a translation system.  So, right now if I were in a Spanish server and someone said “Hola”, they would be saying “Hello” in Spanish, right?  With the translation system, “Hola”  will automatically change to “Hello” for English players in Spanish servers.  This could help with tracking mascots in other language servers, as it will be easier for English players to understand what other players are saying in Spanish.  Pretty neat, eh?  The article also says that Club Penguin will also add more phrases to their chat system, making the number of phrases a total of 6 billion!  That’s amazing!  These updates will most likely take place by 2013, though it would be nicer if it was sooner than that.

Are you excited for these updates?

UPDATE: It is also said that this update will most likely occur only for English players in the English servers. The server jumping is said to be coming around July hopefully

-Dj Stores, Xbird, & Dhi228


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