Club Penguin Blog: New Medieval history!

On Club Penguin’s German website, Happy77 has made a new blog post!  Though it is hard to translate, I managed to figure out she’s saying something like this:

“Be greeted!

Is coming soon – the Medieval Party starts next week!
The team has decorated the rooms full of zeal and it looks like we have before us an epic adventure. Therefore, I would like to give you some insight, so you know what to expect. So much like a scavenger hunt with pictures. :-)

This week I’m going to keep up with excerpts of medieval history to date. Check out the map below and come by again to get more information.”

Here is the map she mentioned above.  It looks like it is the map of how Club Penguin will look during the Medieval Party.

Pretty neat looking, right?

Note: I will update this post once Club Penguin makes their post in English.

Update: Club Penguin has now made this post in English.  The actual translation is this:

It’s almost time for the Medieval Party… It starts next week!
The team’s been working hard decorating the rooms and it looks to be one epic adventure story. So I thought it would be fun to give you some hints of what to expect. Kind of like a treasure hunt with pictures. :)
Over the next week I’ll update you with pieces of a medieval story. Check out the map below and keep checking back to get more clues.”

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