Field Ops #81

New field op is here, my feathery friends! Click your blinking spy phone which should look like this:

Then click the field op screen which is obviously at the top right: Your Orders:

Here is what it says: ‘Hear me, protectors of Club Penguin! A powerful enemy is rising, and we must prepare for it! Search the island for mushrooms, and use your technology to give them power. This will help my resarch.’

Then, go to the Beach. Love how the mushrooms which look like flowers are ‘blooming’ :D Stand next to this mushroom

Click the spy phone, which is blinking green. Now here is your order.

‘Power up the chipset! Guide your micro battery by remote control. Go from the recharger to the chips. Watch out for traps!.’

Once finished, you will get a message from the Director.

It says ‘Agent-you have done well. Though *giving power* to mushrooms is unusual, I trust G. EPF radar is definitely picking up something. Be ready- Club Penguin may be in danger.’


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