Weekly Factz and Fun – Week 1

Hey everyone!  The CP Factz team has decided that every week on Monday, we will post something called “Weekly Factz and Fun”.

In this post we will include the following:

  • Site notes (upcoming changes to the site or anything else)
  • One Club Penguin fact
  • A Club Penguin Poll
  • A Club Penguin word search puzzle
  • Famous mascot(s) of the month (Ex: Gary during the Medieval Party) Note: We will only do this once a month. 

Maybe later we will add “Penguin of the Month” to the list once we have enough penguins regularly visiting our site.

So, this week’s Weekly Factz and Fun is:

  • Site notes:
  1. Soon we will have a 3000+ hits party!  Stay tuned…
  2. We are thinking about adding an new author to our site.  If you want to have a chance at working here, make sure to check out our Write For Us page.
    • Club Penguin fact: Club Penguin was originally planned to launch in 2010.
    • Club Penguin Poll:
    • Club Penguin word search puzzle: Click here!
    • Famous mascot(s) of the month:  Gary

Have a thought? Leave a comment!

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