NEW Author – Rockie805

Hey everyone!  A little while ago, we (the Club Penguin Factz team) announced that we would be adding a new author.  Well, we have decided to add a penguin who goes by the name of Rockie805.  He is a kind, funny penguin who loves to play Club Penguin.  He also is a real-life friend to Xbird.  Soon he will make an Author Page for himself and you will then get to learn more about him.  So lets all congratulate Rockie on being nominated as an author for Club Penguin Factz!


2 thoughts on “NEW Author – Rockie805

  1. Nice having you here Rockie! :) There will be another special someone who will become an author! :D He will be posting here in a few days :) Until then, we will not be hiring until someone quits. Don’t be heartbroken if you were not selected. Cheer up!

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