Field Ops #82

New field op today, as usual Thursday, the day CP usually updates. Here is the field op from G.

It says ‘Hear me, Secret Knights! The Dragon King has conquered the land, and even now seeks to rain fire upon us! Your weapons cannot defeat him. But they CAN defeat his fireballs! Climb Dragon Peak, take aim, and vanquish them!’

Go to Dragon’s Peak or otherwise known as Ski Hill. Stand here:

Click your blinking spy phone, here is the mission.

If you can’t see, click the image.

Once finished, you will get a message from Gary. This is what it says

Well done, Secret Knight! Your aim was true, and you vanquished the Dragon King’s attacks! Now we must unite the kingdoms, and stand against him together! Are you with us? Onwards!’

The Dragon King can be seen in the homepage, but that is it’s wing.


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