Medieval Party 2012 Walkthrough

Hey there folks! It’s me, Dhi228! To start the quest for the party, go to the Snow Forts and click the sign near to the clock. Click the ‘Onward to adventure’ button.

Ooh! This is Ye Knights Quest! Quest 1 is for non members while 2 and 3 are for members. Currently, there is a bug with the gates as you can’t enter :( To be continued.

Updated: Bug is fixed :) First you have to light up the orbs in Quest 1. Just stand on the concrete.

Then go to the second challenge, you have to hit all the targets. There are 50 of them. There is also a free item there which is for members.

One you are done, turn to the left and move to Challenge 3! You will be in a puzzle race where there will be lots of directions. This should explain what I mean.

To win this challenge, first go to from down, down, left then right. You will end up in a room which says ‘Ye are lost!’

Click the red button and it will say the symbols might be clues. then go up, right and down, this time, you will be in a room which says ‘Ye are lost again!’ Click the button and it will say each symbol is linked to a direction.

Follow the directions and wala! You have went to a room with a free body suit, click it and it’s yours.

Well, did you like it? This the the first quest. Second and third to be continued.

UPDATE; CP have made the Noble Helmet which is in the Mountain a free item!


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