Absence of Dj Stores – 10th to 15th June

Hello penguins!

From the 10th June till the 15th June I will be away with school with no access to the Internet or the website. Because of this I request a very special welcome back.

I will organise a party the day after I come. I hope it will be convenient for everyone, if nobody comes, I will be in tears. Ok so here are the details.

Date: 16th June 2012
Time: 6.30pm for the UK, 12.30pm for EST and 12.30am for dhi228, it will be quite obvious dhi228 cannot attend but I have made it so it is later for PST than the previous party.
Why: To welcome back Dj Stores after a 5 day trip away from home.

I hope some people will actually attend, 10 minutes earlier than stated above will be nice so I can log on and everyone shout welcome home! More details to come…

May someone’s igloo be decorated for the occasion, superhero themed please, and we have the worlds biggest welcome home party! Plus, I am the youngest blogger on this site, so, I may do some silly stuff!

Thank your for reading, dhi228 and Xbird may give you details while I am away.

Dj Stores


17 thoughts on “Absence of Dj Stores – 10th to 15th June

  1. I can create an igloo for you, but I dont really understand… If I want to, I can create a superhero themed igloo for you? Right?

  2. It wouldn’t be fun if dhi228 does not come, he is like the host :( I cannot come unless you make it three hours earlier :)

  3. 10.30 AM, if you mean Finnish viewer me, thats okay. Its 20.30 for me and I dont do nothing special usually at that time.

  4. Dj Stores, I am Trekor49 23. I live in the same neighborhood as Rockie 805 + Xbird. I will attend your party. I LOVE your website.
    Sincerly, Trekor49 23

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