Thank you so much!

Hello penguins!

Here at Club Penguin Factz we pride ourselves on three different areas, first of all is being accurate, efficient and easy to find, second is our correct spellings and grammar, so all our posts make sense and look fresh, rather than a rotten feeling of bad spellings, and third, what I wish to talk to you today about is publicity.

Today, I was extremely happy to find our all time views was 3,142! Now this may not be accurate as of the time you read this, because there would be more!

Also, yesterday, 21st of May was our busiest day EVER! This month there have been 2 or more days which broke the previous hits record, so yesterday we got 196 views, the previous record was 181, this gives a good chance of getting 200 views a day soon, only last night I was thinking of 200 views a day, we already receive over 100 views a day.

Now for country statistics, we had 62 views in Canada, this was the country where we got the most views yesterday, we has quite a few at the bottom, but Australia was at the bottom, don’t know why, with 1 view. Just because I like the Premium Terminal at Doha International Airport, I will give a special shout out to the 4 views in Qatar, it’s a truly lovely airport.

On behalf of everyone at Club Penguin Factz thank you so much!

Dj Stores

TARGET: 200 views one day before 9th June


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