Club Penguin Blog- Puffle Sticker Album (Translated from Portuguese)

Hey penguins, Club Penguin has released a new blog post on their blog, it is about some puffle sticker album, note that this post can only be found at the Portuguese language section. Here is what it says:

Penguins, I’m here! The pufflemania is not over! Look at this video about the new sticker album of puffles, who has just arrived on newsstands in Brazil, has code to unlock item on the Book of Treasures, figurines and even special code to unlock coins in some packages of stickers! What are you most like it? Tell it to us in the comments! Pinguinando (No translation) ever! :) – Club Penguin Team

There is a video too, but we will post it later.

Anyway, hmm… Sticker albums of puffles? I guess they released the albums early! What do you think of the sticker album? Comment below!

Thanks Cooldude229 for telling me about this!


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