CP Factz- Dhi228’s Birthday!

Howdy, Hello, Namaste, Vannakam! Lol. It is Dhi228’s birthday today, so, he will be thanking all the fans for the support.

‘Thanks for coming to the site guys, you are really great fans, from just 30 views a day to 200 :) We will be having a 5000 hits party in celebration of that, you’re the best!’

Anyway, for the next party Dhi228 is organizing, he will be giving away 3 Card- Jitsu codes,  one for the most supportive, one to be put on the site while you try to activate and one which will be adding the names into this post. Till then, waddle on!

~Dhi228~ (Please note it is the next one Dhi228 is attending and organizing and not the next party)


4 thoughts on “CP Factz- Dhi228’s Birthday!

    • I might be having one at the end of June. Most supportive means the person there who is the most active. And I know about that eReader post, just that we don’t want to post it.

  1. And when does the party start? Lots of talking about parties, but no information.

    Anyways, I have a suggestion for you, or actually a “request”
    Would you mind Disable the smilies? So the smilie wouldnt be :) but then it would be the normal one : ) (without space)

    I think it is more clearly and gives a more professional look. But hey, thats just my opinion.

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