Weekly Fun And Factz- Week 3

Hey dudes! It’s Monday, and it’s means its time for the Weekly Factz and Fun post of the week! Firstly, here are site notes that I should inform or remind you guys :)

Site Notes:

1. Soon, Dj Stores will be having a ‘welcome back’ party for leaving home for 5 days, be there!

2. As you may have known, we have recently opened a graphic and trading store, if you like to visit, go under the category ‘Shopping’. Have fun!

3. Today is a special day, it is Dhi228’s birthday! There will be a special post written by him.

4. If you were one of the ones who were asking to be an author, we have taken this into serious consideration as many of you are at the same level, remember, we are hiring only one author, till then, we may not be hiring for a long time.

Club Penguin Fact: Do you know that the red sunglasses from the Valentine’s Celebration 2006 is rumored to be the the party where Rookie got his glasses?

Club Penguin Poll:

Did you enjoy this week’s post? =)


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