Field Ops #84

Attention agents, Gary has gaven us new Field Ops to complete.
To begin, click your blinking Spy Phone and enter the EPF Command Room. Waddle to the notice area and you will see text like this:


After reading the description of your mission, click “Accept Field-Op”

Then head for Docks and stand here.


Click your blinking spy phone and you will see your mini mission.


When you’ve done the Field Ops, you will receive a message from G, otherwise known as Gary.


This is what it says ‘Well done Agent. The meteor is not very large, so damage should be minimal, as long as it doesn’t hit anything. Keep the Docks secure. I need to look into an alarming report of a broken machine in the wilderness.

Wasn’t it fun EPF Mission? Atleast it wasn’t the same as last week.


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