2nd June – A day we will never forget

Hello penguins!

Yesterday, you may recall, was 2nd June. It should have been our average Saturday, but no, it wasn’t, in fact, it was an absolute brilliant day!

First of all, Xbird and Rockie paid for our brand new sparkling clubpenguinfactz.com domain, which we are all extremely grateful for, but that means Dj Stores and Dhi228 owe them both a few codes!

Next, our target was to get 200+ views a day before I went on my trip, which is a week away, so on June 1st, we achieved an amazing 246 views, but, the day after, on the 2nd June we achieved an AMAZING 402 VIEWS, all in ONE day!

But, that isn’t just it, if you look at our hit counter, we have just achieved 5,000+ views all time! And that is only in a few months of us being online, so THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Today is a milestone for us, in fact, I just made a milestone, and it will be put in to our sidebar, for ever and ever more.

Thank you for having faith in us, and giving us these amazing achievements.

Dj Stores


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