Club Penguin Factz Exclusive

Remember Dj’s poll about whether us authors should be Hero or Villain? That’s right. We have created a story based on that. Anyway here it is!

Club Penguin Factz Production presents ‘The Factzengers!’

Citizen : Hey, wanna go to the Coffee Shop? Ooh! A shooting star? Wait.. A METEOR? Call the Cops!

Cops: Army, we have to build something to stop the meteor from crashing but it’s too late, we will never be able to build anything in such a short time. We’ll make an announcement to warn everybody to stay indoors, don’t go anywhere, especially the Dock.

Meteor: BOOM!

Cooldude229 ( Villain ) We will bring havoc to this island known as Club Penguin, Rockie, give me our robot making equipment, today we’re gonna blow this stuff of penguins! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Rockie805 ( Villain ) On it! I mean uhh… Hahahaha…

Rockie805 ( Villain ) I’ve done the bot, is the acid ready? And the kerosene?

Cooldude229 ( Villain ) Yes indeed my fellow partner, now we should rule this ice cold place with some hot burning fire…

Dj Stores ( Hero ) Not so fast you horn machine!

Dhi228 ( Hero ) You thought you were gonna rule the island? Not in a century!

Xbird ( Hero ) Shields on! He’s gonna attack!


Dj Stores ( Hero ) Sniffs.. Sniffs.. Dj angry!

Dhi228 ( Hero ) Power up!

Rockie805 ( Villain ) Enough talk, let’s start the fight!

Citizen: Do you think this is getting insane?

Citizen 2 : Maybe, shall we check it out?

Citizen 1 & 2 Peeps. There is a sandstorm? AHHH! Incoming robot!  Run for your lives!

Dhi228 ( Hero ) Hmm.. I know what to do to stop this mess..


Dj Stores ( Hero ) I have set the time for this baby to blow, get ready, it will be nasty.

Xbird ( Hero ) Okay, uh oh, according to my calculations, this robot will blow before it even launches, shield the entire island!

Robot: BOOM!

Rockie805 and Cooldude229 : Our creations!

Cooldude229 : Fear not Rockie, we will be back and ready, so long! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Citizens : The island is safe, thank you heroes!

——————————- THE END ————————————

Story by Dhi228 and Dj Stores

Idea by Dhi228

Please note that this is just for the viewer’s enjoyment, please take no offence if you think that something in this story has gone amiss.


5 thoughts on “Club Penguin Factz Exclusive

  1. Cool story, I like it! I’m just happy to be featured in something like this :-D

    By the way, why is the background and header changed again? Because queen Elizabeth has ruled England for 60 years, or? Because I prefer more the older one :-)

  2. Oh yeah.
    The person, who is in charge of changing Background and Header, I’m going to tell my opinion. This current background and header doesn’t fit well with our website title. We are not providing UK Tesco Shopping Tips, we are providing Club Penguin Cheats and that’s why I think our themes should always be Club Penguin themed. If any other author thinks same as me, please reply to this comment and tell your opinon. I just don’t like it.
    I wish we could return the bg and header that xbird made.

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