Weekly Fun And Factz – Week 4

Hey everyone! Sorry for the post roundup being a week late, here are a few important announcements

Site Notes:

1. Cooldude229 will be away from 9th June till 24th June while Dj Stores will be away from 10th June to 15th June. Dhi228, Xbird and Rockie805 will continue running the site in their absence.

2. Our latest and first play, ‘The Factzengers’ will be having a sequel on June 6th, 2012. The title of the sequel will be named ‘ The Factzengers 2 – The Revenge Of Professors Cooldude229 And Rockie805’  ( Postponed to June 8, 2012 )

Club Penguin Fact : In ‘ The Case Of The Missing Puffles , ‘ Aunt Arctic had a purple puffle in her igloo even before they were released in the Pet Shop.

Club Penguin Poll


3 thoughts on “Weekly Fun And Factz – Week 4

  1. I changed 7th June to 9th June. There must be a mistake. Anyways, now it’s right. I’m away between 9th June till 24th June.

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