Club Penguin Jubilee Family Festival Images

Club Penguin’s @SupportAtCP Twitter account has released five images from the Jubilee Family Festival.  This event took place from June 2nd to June 3rd.

This is Club Penguin’s igloo tent:

Here are some kids playing Puffle Launch on the iPad:

A kid face-painted to look like a pirate in Club Penguin’s tent enjoying the (fake) snow:

A large Club Penguin banner:

There were quite a few Club Penguin ‘goodies’ that players could pick up that went to the event:

Wow, it looks like the Jubilee Family Festival was fun!  Did you go to the festival?  If so, did you get any pictures?  If you did, the CP Factz team would love to see them, so send them to

Thanks AZEEMSKY for letting me know about the images!


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