Card Jitsu Snow Theories – EXCLUSIVE!

Hey everyone, I am back with a scoop from my good friend, Gpumpkin , it’s about Card Jitsu Snow, here are some things that I will like to point out.

Remember the calendar about Club Penguin and it’s parties? In the month of May 2012, it is scheduled to have Card – Jitsu Snow, however, the only clue we will ever see is the end of Quest I where there are dojo puffles and snowing, it has been there for a few years. But,   that may be the place where Snow Sensei and Ice Dojo will be, so, if my calculations are right, Quest I might not be played again. Here is some of the facts Gpumpkin thinks that might likely happen

  1.  Mountains with snow, a perfect place for cj snow and its card jitsu game?
  2. A mysterious path to where, card jitsu snow?

Card Jitsu Snow will feature its own game like Card Jitsu Fire and Water. The game still remains in mystery, but here are some ideas of what it could be like. Your penguin will climb a mountain using the elements to get past certain objects. First one to the top receives 1st place and etc… Remember this probably won’t be the game though you never know.

After gaining experience after playing Card Jitsu Snow you’ll get four items. Here’s a sneak peek of the items:

Here is Sensei in his snow suit

When you have earned the four Card-Jitsu Snow items you’ll need to defeat Sensei. After beating Sensei you will get the Snow Gem for your amulet.

Here is more of what he said:

If you have already earned the Fire and Water gems with the Snow Gem there may be a special access or feature sometime in the future on Club Penguin!? Maybe shadow ninjas or the Shadow Dojo? Below are more facts on the upcoming Card Jitsu Snow:

  • In one of the November Club Penguin Times Sensei mentioned that the elements can be unpredictable. This suggests that it could be released at an unexpected time?!
  • The scavenger hunt prize could be the Arctic White penguin color.
  •  No party was been chosen for August 2012 so far. Making a good time for Card Jitsu Snow.

In my opinion, CJS could be released in late June or early July, while we are still battling Protobot. In one of the newspapers, Gary mentioned there will be a few disasters occuring in CP this year, it also mentions a blizzard. What I think is you can get Arctic White by unlocking it, becoming snow ninja, agreeing with Gpumpkin or maybe even meeting Sensei as a gift!

The recent meteor might have something to do with it, we will be posting more as soon as we can, once again I thank Gpumpkin for this exclusive (



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