EXCLUSIVE – Make your Mark : Ulitmate Jam

Hello penguins!

You may recall Trainman1405 finding Rocky and CeCe from Shake It Up in the mascot files, and that Shake It Up will be visiting the Music Jam. This is WORSE, they are scrapping the Music Jam and replacing it with Make your Mark : Ultimate Jam. Make your Mark is a competition done by Disney Channel with Shake It Up, it’s where you film yourself dancing for 45 seconds and the winner of the competition gets to perform on Shake It Up.

Club Penguin are removing a traditional party, as Shake It Up is officially confirmed, you heard it here first. I then shouted at the Support representative over how too many Disney things are proposed to be added to the game, and amazingly, they agree with me!

Then I heard why they are making such decisions. First of all fans have been asking for it, and now they moan! They said that kids are asking for ‘famous people’ in Club Penguin, so they work with their parent company, Disney, to deliver this, so they do what kids want.

Then remember how I posted about blind bags launching June 1st in the United Kingdom, I have not seen them yet, so I asked the person about it, and they didn’t even know what blind bags were, forget a Club Penguin version!

They then completely agreed with me, boy they are nice people, and then they tell me the people who communicate with fans don’t get all the information, so that gives me the idea that they get all their information from my findings!

The representative said she will pass on my feedback and in the future, maybe Disney won’t be so involved as this year. I also barked about the concept of penguins being lost, as superheroes have fingers, not flippers like penguins, and Rocky and CeCe costumes and mascots may have hands too.

Below is the paragraph with the information in it;

Also this summer, Club Penguin players will have the chance to make their mark and shake it up when Club Penguin’s annual Music Jam is transformed into the “Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam.” Beginning July 19 through August 1, players in the Internet’s #1 virtual world will be invited to chat and dance with customized Rocky and CeCe penguins, and even unlock exclusive dance moves, just like the characters from “Shake It Up.”

If you wish to use any of this information on your site, leave a comment and we will approve it or reject it, as we cannot let everyone have my hard work!

Happy Waddling,

Dj Stores


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