NOTICE – Password Requesting

Hello penguins,

Looking at today’s site stats, someone used our site search to find out fellow author Cooldude229’s password two times. Privacy of our authors is one of our our top priorities, and no way will we give away such sensitive details, nor does anyone apart from Cooldude know his password.

I politely ask whoever did search that to owe up in the comments, you won’t get in trouble of you owe up now, if you don’t, that’s when the trouble happens, we won’t get angry if you owe up, put your flippers up and say it was you.

I really do not wish for anyone ever thinking of abusing our authors like that, as the world is supposed to be a nice place, and then there are people who hack and stuff.

Thank you for reading this notice,

Dj Stores


One thought on “NOTICE – Password Requesting

  1. So should I be worried? Anyways, I’m changing the password so it will be more harder to guess.
    And if you aren’t a real hacker, dun worry, you will NEVER hack me because of one reason.. :)

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