EXCLUSIVE – Three New Unreleased Items

Club Penguin has added three new items to their files list.  It is unsure when they will be released, but it is thought that it will most likely be sometime in the next few weeks.

The first item is the Saxophone which may be coming out next week in the Club
Penguin Magazine, it will have a dance and even sound!

The second item (which will be unlockable) is the Purple Boom Box, I think this may be available during Make Your Mark – Ultimate Jam. It did mention ‘special dance moves’ and this might do the trick!

And finally, the last item is this. I don’t have a name for it but here is what it looks like. Something which may be released later on in the week for the SuperHero Takeover, or even for next years?

What do you think of these items? Which are you looking forward to the most? I definitely have a few favourites! Comment below!

Written by Rockie805 – edited by Xbird and Dj Stores

Credit to Trainman1405 from Club Penguin Memories for the pictures.


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