NEW Saxophone Item – NO SOUND!

Hello penguins,

In Issue 6 of the United Kingdom Panini Club Penguin Magazine, a free Saxophone item came with it. Unfortunately, it didn’t have sound, but it did have quite a nifty dance move, here it is.

Isn’t it an AMAZING item! Its definitely a must-have item if you can get the magazine!

Best fishes,

Dj Stores


3 thoughts on “NEW Saxophone Item – NO SOUND!

  1. I think it’s just a bug as it’s a new item. If it wont be fixed in a week, then It’s a bug.. I guess.

    But yeah, it’s definitely an amazing item!! I’m getting my own copy on Monday perhaps, it just depends how fast the shipment is.

    • Its a one-use only code, and I have already used mine. But you can get your own by buying a copy of the magazine from your local newsagents if you live in the UK or if you are outside the UK, you can buy a copy from somewhere like

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