Prefect Success!

Hello penguins,

Today, I, Dj Stores was at my schools annual Sports Day and Prize Giving. Our school has a house system, so my house came 2nd in Sports Day, we come 2nd in almost everything.

This year was especially important to me as it revealed the Head Boy, Head Girl and House Captains, and not forgetting Prefects. Now, I had a really emotional breakdown. The night before the day, I had a nightmare.

This nightmare was EXACTLY the same as what actually happened today. My ‘evil’ headteacher announced the Head Boy and Head Girl first. To my shock, the class bully got Head Boy! But a good mate of mine got Head Girl. Then, the house captains, I didn’t get any of those either!

I immediately covered my face and burst into tears. So when I was called out to claim my Prefect badge, I was in tears, with a runny nose, and nobody likes to see my ‘acidic’ (as my Dad says) tears and EXTREMELY runny nose. I cried through the whole thing, but people were trying to cheer me up, but like applying for a job for this site through me, I was too upset.

I was even crying when I had to pass on the new Librarian badges. My class teacher, after the session of what I should call a taster session of the Underworld, came up to me (she is Deputy Head, but she is one of my favourite teachers) and tried to help me cheer up, as well as my Mum coming.

I really did not like today. But this isn’t the end. My classmates were giving me encouraging comments, I was really happy for them. And as me and my whole family walked out the gate, we were approached by some mums and said, ‘No matter what, remember, you’re the best’ and I was really happy about that.

Well, fine! I won a book for excellent academic progress and maturing (not maturing like cheese!) very well. I also made the whole load of parents laugh, as we had an ‘Olympic Torch’ relay (not with the real one!) as I held my torch high, like a real Torchbearer. I was called ‘Comedy King’ by some parents!

After a nice family time session with all my family, I drove back home with my mum. She then told me that the Lower Kindergarten teaching assistant wanted to go part-time, as she was there on Sports Day, and my ‘evil’ school board of directors and ‘even more evil’ headteacher said to her, she can have full time or resign. So she was forced to resign.

So, I am now rather happy I am a Prefect, so I can crack on with my school work more. Plus I don’t have to be closely associated with school. But now, I am on the quest to find, the Secret of my School.

Dj Stores


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