NEW Recipe – Crispy Strips

Hello penguins,

After all that Super Hero and Villain business to sort out, its about time you get a well deserved snack. If you are looking for one, Club Penguin have an appetising recipe sure to get you wanting to eat the screen ( I recommend you don’t, since penguins have no teeth, it will be hard to get down your throat… ). On the blog they have posted a picture of it.

Here is the post:


Even Super Heroes and Villains need to take a break from saving the world… or destroying it. Check out our latest Fun Activity:

Crispy Strips!

Crispy Strips - small.jpg

What kind of fun activities would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below.

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

One again this post has been done by nobody else than our good friend Happy77 which Trainman got to meet earlier on today. Here is a picture he got of her:

So even the poster of the Club Penguin Blog gets to dress up as a super hero! Lucky her, she must have felt left out, as Billybob is currently Iron Man (not in real life!).

On the Club Penguin Healthy Meter it has achieved 2 out of three apples!

Check out the recipe!

Crispy Strips

Yum! I will be sure to try this out, if I have time, as saving the world is quite a hard job, I might just steal one of Aunt Arctics from the press office in the Book Room. Hee hee!

Protect the island, or destroy it?

Dj Stores


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