NEW innocent adventure party – starting 22 august

Hello penguins!

Below is the post which Billybob recently did, and it included this image, lets see what we can see!


  • A big splatter
  • A tropical flower
  • Herbert drinking something (one of our smoothies?)

So those are the 3 things I can see. The big splatter, I don’t know? The tropical flower, well, the island is going tropical climate, or its on an island which we may discover with Rockhopper. Herbert? I think I get the plot of this party, the island goes tropical, Herbert comes and takes the island as his paradise, he has stolen all our smoothies, EPF work together to get rid of him, normal penguins gather more fruit and make more smoothies in the game. Sounds neat so far!

The bananaphone has not yet got back to me, so I am waiting for that, but this explains enough. This confirms that it isn’t a Fruit Party, its a Tropical Adventure Party, and we also get to learn about fruits, as in the fruit hunt, we get information about a fruit, and then a quiz when we find it, and that is CONFIRMED.

I don’t mind this party, it will not advertise innocent at all, there will just be a microsite on, not much of a big deal of ‘3rd Party stuff’ is it. Promoting? It is good, because of the Ultimate Jam, I kind of like Shake It Up, it is actually a very funny programme, and to be honest, it isn’t just for girls and all that. So on, it wouldn’t be Club Penguin liable of third party links, it will be Disney UK, and this isn’t Club Penguin’s fault, innocent partnered with DISNEY, it was DISNEY who decided to bring this campaign to Club Penguin, I bet Lane Merrifield never got a choice! And this is also good because there may be a The Dude costume or The Dude is a mascot, as he is quite cute, I can imagine him bouncing around the island, like Happy77 being a snail in Penguin Chat!

So that is the Tropical Adventure Party all wrapped up and ready to go!

Waddle on, and keep healthy!

Dj Stores


Club Penguin Blog – What is going on in August? – NEW Club Penguin Official Blogger

Hello penguins,

As July comes to a close, it is just about time for Club Penguin to spill some more beans about what is going on in August, so without further a do, here is the post, made by Billybob (nice to see you posting again old laddy!)

Hello Penguins!

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about what’s new in August, so I wanted to share some more details. Many of you have asked what the next party will be… I’m happy to announce that it will be a new and improved Adventure Party!!!

See if you can guess what else is coming in August from these picture clues:


In other news… I wanted to introduce you to the newest official Club Penguin blogger… DAFFODAILY5!


Daffodaily5 will be posting UK-exclusive news and updates right here on the What’s New Blog! She’s really nice, so make sure you introduce yourself.

Until then… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Well, it looks like Screenhog has been well and truly replaced (so sad, isn’t it!) , but Daffodaily5 looks quite promising. Its fabulous, the UK now have a blogger who can give official UK statements, rather than the stupid mixed up US ones.  And quickly guys, buddy Daffydaily5 before she is like Billybob and Happy77! Here is my rather successful attempt!

And just a little something I did the other day, it was SOO fun!


So I guess thats all about Daffodaily5 for now, check out a NEW post about the new revamped Adventure Party, really exciting!


Dj Stores

Club Penguin Video Blog – Lauren spills the beans – Meet Cadence, Rocky and CeCe!

Hello penguins,

With the Make Your Mark Ultimate Jam nearly over (sad faces everyone!) but the BRAND NEW Fruit Expedition nearly here, some of you have not yet met Cadence, Rocky and CeCe. If you just want to grab Cadences stamp and background, to get the stamp, and a few Penguin Band ones too, go to the Epic Show Stadium, before it goes, and get the stamp, and if you have met Aunt Arctic, there is a little glitch, if you are Aunt Arctic’s buddy, you can get Cadences background from there!!

To meet Rocky and CeCe, unfortunately, the background doesn’t come with out meeting them, and Club Penguin may decide to scrap the Ultimate Jam next year, so meet them while you can! To see the FINAL Rocky and CeCe appearance of 2012, with special guest Cadence, here is a video! Club Penguin employee, Lauren, spills the beans, honestly, the things that women do!

As well as this, Disney have made a new Game On commercial (a bit too late isn’t it!)


And thats all for now. So the meetup details are:

Date: August 1st 2012

Server: Ice Cold

Time: 4.00pm PST, AEDT, BST

Who: Cadence, Rocky and CeCe’s FINAL appearance of 2012. PLUS a few Club Penguin Factz authors, if you’re lucky!


Waddle on!

Dj Stores

CPF Olympic Party!

You are invited to a Club Penguin Olympic Party

Server: Mammoth

Room: We will start at the Plaza

Time: 5.00PM UK Time (9.00AM PST) (12.00AM (ish) SGT)

Date: 2nd August 2012


NOTICE: This tracker is used by Club Penguin Memories as well, so if the Party Tracker is on before our party, go to it, or ignore it, if you go, we may be there!

What will we do:

First, since the Ultimate Jam would be over, and this is an Olympic Party, we are going to have a Mini Olympics. There will be 5 tournaments.

Stadium Football Tournament

Mancala Tournament

Find Four Tournament

Dance Contest Tournament

Sled Racing Tournament


After that, if there is enough time, we will all camp at Dj Stores’ igloo!

We have done our best to make the time convenient for everyone, so you all have a chance to attend. IF THIS TIME IS NOT CONVENIENT FOR YOU, PLEASE COMMENT, IF YOU DON’T COMMENT, WE CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

Cheers to London 2012!

Beta Team? Arctic White? Is it project abandoned?

Hello penguins,

As pointed out by Trainman1405 earlier on today, back in May, as the Medieval Party sneak peek was being prepared, Club Penguin’s Twitter posted the following photo:

It has the following things on the To-Do list, they must have left the list there on purpose.

  • Post Comments (probably done, ages ago!)
  • Post sneak peek video Friday ??th. (Done!)
  • Super sneak peek of June party logo next week (Marvel SuperHero Takeover. Done!)
  • Beta team thing for July (soo not done!)

Beta Team thing, eh? Could it be this new experience needing testing, is it a new game, is it to do with the new innocent smoothie game (most likely out of any of my wacky theories!), or is it just another silly little thing of clutter like the whole Beta Team is?

Only time will tell…

Dj Stores over and out!

Free 1500 Coins in Club Penguin – August 2012

As of 26th of July, the August issue of Club Penguin Magazine has been published. This is the 7th Club Penguin Magazine that has been published. As usual, we have the codes from this magazine below.

Each code unlocks 500 coins, making three codes in total. To unlock 1500 coins, use these codes below:

  • COFFEE12
  • TOMATO22

What do you think of these codes? I just love it that we get each month extra coins from Club Penguin Magazine. Actually, if you’ve unlocked all codes from Club Penguin Magazine, you have received more than 10,000 coins! Be sure to leave your opinions below, as they are appreaciated.

MEGA EXCLUSIVE – Innocent Tropical Fruit Party

Hello penguins,

On a heaven phone call to Club Penguin UK, I have some top secret information, which HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. First of all, Club Penguin will turn into Tropical climate, so in the Club Penguin Magazine there has been a weather warning. As well as that, in the magazine, 3 bloggers, including me, and Trainman’s Penguin of the Week, have been featured in the mag! So congratulations to Djstores (Dj Stores, misspelt in magazine!), Perapin, Icequix and Pen50gi!

So during the Tropical Fruit Party, there will be a fruit hunt, where you hunt for all the different tropical fruits, which will be growing in Club Penguin,  and discover information about them. Rockhopper will be making a visit, and there are two theories. First is that we can sail to new islands to find new fruits, and then bring them back to Club Penguin to make as a smoothie, or its just normal, with the Crows Nest, and Captains Quarters and stuff. The first is much more likely, as the ship is still decorated from Rockhopper’s Quest. Possibly, on one island we discover, there is a tribe, as the Tribal Dress is coming out in Club Penguin Magazine next issue!

Next there will be a microsite, promoting healthy eating, like Club Penguin did for the Ultimate Jam and Marvel Takeover, but rather than having information on superheroes and the featured mascots, it will mention stuff like fruit, and innocent’s healthy smoothies. This micro-site will be hosted or redirected through, as if you go to it looks like Club Penguin have already made the redirection for a microsite. This microsite will be advertised all over the Disney TV and Web UK network, and Club Penguin!

Thats it for now! Waddle on!


Dj Stores