NEW Music Video – The Party Starts Now – DJ Cadence

Yep! The bit you saw in the Disney on YouTube video is NOW AVAILABLE IN FULL on YouTube! The song has got an epic tune, but the voice sounds like a WAY older version of someone like Lady GaGa.

It says that it is Coming to iTunes in the description. This tells me that what could happen is that Disney Records launch a WHOLE Club Penguin music album, like Moshi Monsters did Music Rox.

Club Penguin is sure expanding their product range. First the new magazine, then the sticker album, those just came out of nowhere, then I bet that 2 days before the album is due to launch, Club Penguin will tell everyone about it.

What do you think of the song? Do you think I should make a song? I bet I have a MUCH better voice than Cadence! ;D

DJ Stores out!



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