NEW BOOKS! Pre-order on Amazon TODAY!

Hello penguins!

While I was messing around on Amazon, I discovered plenty of new books, their release date, their cover, their price, and best of all, where to pre-order them from!

The first up is the Puffle Whisperer

Club Penguin: Puffle Whisperer

To be released: 4th October 2012

Price: £5.29 (12% saving)

Pre-order NOW from:


Next up is Eye on the Island! I haven’t come across this book, well not here in the UK. But its on Amazon!

Eye on the Island: The Town, the Underground, and the Plaza (Disney Club Penguin)

To be released: OUT NOW!

Price: £4.49

Order NOW from:


Thats all the books, but a kit I have been chasing for is the Comic Maker set for Club Penguin, so I struck GOLD today and found it! Here it is!

Club Penguin Comic Maker Kit


Price: £9.65

Order now from:


Thats all my shopping done for today guys!

Waddle on!

Dj Stores




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