Club Penguin – 17th Treasure Book Update

After 3 months of waiting, Club Penguin released along with other updates 17th Treasure Book. You need a valid coin code if you wish to unlock these items.

This is how one of the pages looks like:

Are you going to buy coin codes in order to unlock those items? I have one here, but I expected better items. How about you? Leave your thoughs below.


5 thoughts on “Club Penguin – 17th Treasure Book Update

    • Hi!
      You can buy a Club Penguin Toy to get items from the Treasure Book. Depending on your location, as in some places its cheaper than others, like in India it is cheaper than the UK. I reccommend getting a Puffle Keyring, its cheap, and you get access to the Treasure Book, or get the Club Penguin Magazine from online, like on it may be more expensive and the shipping may be more depending on your location, you get loads of codes for coins (you can also find those codes on our website) and 1 code in which you can get 1 or 2 RARE free items for your penguin and you can choose 1 item from the Treasure Book, PLUS a real life Club Penguin toy, a packet of Club Penguin stickers and not forgetting the magazine, and its all only £2.99!
      Unfortunately, the codes for the Treasure Book are ONE-OFF, but if you are willing to do so, you can scroll through our blog to find codes to exclusive items, like DJUBILEE gives you a Puffle Crown!
      Waddle on!
      Dj Stores

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