It was only yesterday I thought they would change it? But it didn’t expect it!

Hello party penguins!

I hope you are ready to bust some funky moves at the Make Your Mark – Ultimate Jam, I sure am! Well, just a mention, the EPF Recon Team as an igloo contest is in August, sorry guys, there might not be any Recon team after all…

Never the less, lets get cracking with the post, yesterday, I randomly went to Club Penguin’s homepage, and I thought, one of these days, they may change the bottom of the homepage, as the drawings looked a bit ‘out of date’. But what I didn’t expect, and I did not tell anyone this, is that they actually CHANGED IT! But they changed MORE than I expected!

This means that there aren’t many ‘old design’ pictures of penguins on the site about from the player card penguin, which they also plan to change!

Do you like this new design, do you hate this new design, leave your much valued opinions in the comments below.


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