EXCLUSIVE – Happy77 Betraying Club Penguin?

Hello penguins!

While listening randomly to the German version of ‘The Party Starts Now’ I very weirdly dragged myself to the blog in German, and translated it to English. I am pretty shocked by this and I wonder, what on earth is going on at Club Penguin, take a read!

‘Happy77 has already betrayed us’. Since it is a translation most of it doesn’t make sense, but betrayal, can you believe it! What on earth is going on, has Club Penguin German Team fallen out with their ‘Happy77’, I wonder, wonder, wonder…

I am surprised that Club Penguin can understand jessie j 4 but its their reply I am worried about! What will happen if Billybob betray them, as Screenhog resigned ages ago, to work with co-founder of Club Penguin, Lance Priebe, better known as Rsnail, who also resigned a bit earlier than Screenhog, so maybe nobody will operate the blogs in the future, panic mode!

If you wish to make this a ‘trending topic’ on Twitter, use the hashtag #happy77betrayal so if you have any questions, and wish for a reply via Twitter, we can look you up and reply to your tweet, or comment below, and we can whip up an answer.

All I have to say now is ‘…’

Dj Stores

A VERY worried penguin…


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