Ultimate Jam Waddlethrough 2012

Hello penguins!

First of all we apologise for this being late, there have been some rather major complications here at Club Penguin Factz, which could’ve justified our future, as a group of authors.

We all thought that this party was going to be rubbish, but it isn’t, because the rooms look absolutely stunning! Take a look for yourself!

Snow Forts
Casa Fiesta
Epic Show Stadium
Ski Hill
Ski Lodge
Lodge Attic
Coffee Shop
Pizza Parlor
Thanks to the Club Penguin Wikia for providing the pictures!
Don’t all the rooms look AMAZING! I am sure lovin’ the beat of this party! And there has also been a MUSIC CHALLENGE! I have been lucky enough to collect all 5 items and here are all the super awesome dances they do!
I so love those items, I am the luckiest blogger in the world! Now down to business, Cadence really wants to know if you loved the Ultimate Jam, so she can bring it back next year, and you saw her commenting on the Trackers post, so you know she is real, and she will reply to your comments!
Party on!
Dj Stores
PS. If there is any information I have missed out, comment below, and Cadence will pass it onto me!

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