NEW Igloo Features Sneak Peek + 2 Theories

Hello penguins,

Today, Polo Field, a Club Penguin employee tweeted about the new igloo features, and he also provided us with the FIRST sneak peek of the liking feature, take a look!

This looks epic, and it kind of fits in with the Igloo Special issue of Club Penguin Magazine coming tomorrow!

Now for the awesome theories!

First of all, these new features are rumoured (?) to come out tomorrow. It is likely, and it could happen in a few days? Only time will tell.

Secondly, the EPF Recon Team is on a yes or no balance. Its more no, as it is too violent, and will Club Penguin squeeze two things in one month? Yes, as there is a 22 day gap, will Club Penguin leave it bare? So its a balance, but where will it eventually fall, will it be delayed??

And I also think that the innocent Fruit Party COULD be the Fruit Games as innocent are the official smoothie and juice for the London 2012 Games, and we all want the Penguin Games back, and Club Penguin might have listened…

Only time will tell..

A curious Dj Stores


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