MEGA EXCLUSIVE – Innocent Tropical Fruit Party

Hello penguins,

On a heaven phone call to Club Penguin UK, I have some top secret information, which HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. First of all, Club Penguin will turn into Tropical climate, so in the Club Penguin Magazine there has been a weather warning. As well as that, in the magazine, 3 bloggers, including me, and Trainman’s Penguin of the Week, have been featured in the mag! So congratulations to Djstores (Dj Stores, misspelt in magazine!), Perapin, Icequix and Pen50gi!

So during the Tropical Fruit Party, there will be a fruit hunt, where you hunt for all the different tropical fruits, which will be growing in Club Penguin,  and discover information about them. Rockhopper will be making a visit, and there are two theories. First is that we can sail to new islands to find new fruits, and then bring them back to Club Penguin to make as a smoothie, or its just normal, with the Crows Nest, and Captains Quarters and stuff. The first is much more likely, as the ship is still decorated from Rockhopper’s Quest. Possibly, on one island we discover, there is a tribe, as the Tribal Dress is coming out in Club Penguin Magazine next issue!

Next there will be a microsite, promoting healthy eating, like Club Penguin did for the Ultimate Jam and Marvel Takeover, but rather than having information on superheroes and the featured mascots, it will mention stuff like fruit, and innocent’s healthy smoothies. This micro-site will be hosted or redirected through, as if you go to it looks like Club Penguin have already made the redirection for a microsite. This microsite will be advertised all over the Disney TV and Web UK network, and Club Penguin!

Thats it for now! Waddle on!


Dj Stores


2 thoughts on “MEGA EXCLUSIVE – Innocent Tropical Fruit Party

  1. can you make items because i want well we want a
    rockhopper outfit in the ship captin quters ok mate and next party do a halloween
    horror one so we can get werewolf costumes a the forest

    • Nice idea! We aren’t part of Club Penguin, October is definitely Halloween. I don’t think CP will do a RH outfit, because if everyone looked like Rockhopper…
      As long as it is a cuddly, blunt fanged werewolf, I will get it

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