Beta Team? Arctic White? Is it project abandoned?

Hello penguins,

As pointed out by Trainman1405 earlier on today, back in May, as the Medieval Party sneak peek was being prepared, Club Penguin’s Twitter posted the following photo:

It has the following things on the To-Do list, they must have left the list there on purpose.

  • Post Comments (probably done, ages ago!)
  • Post sneak peek video Friday ??th. (Done!)
  • Super sneak peek of June party logo next week (Marvel SuperHero Takeover. Done!)
  • Beta team thing for July (soo not done!)

Beta Team thing, eh? Could it be this new experience needing testing, is it a new game, is it to do with the new innocent smoothie game (most likely out of any of my wacky theories!), or is it just another silly little thing of clutter like the whole Beta Team is?

Only time will tell…

Dj Stores over and out!


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