Club Penguin Blog – What is going on in August? – NEW Club Penguin Official Blogger

Hello penguins,

As July comes to a close, it is just about time for Club Penguin to spill some more beans about what is going on in August, so without further a do, here is the post, made by Billybob (nice to see you posting again old laddy!)

Hello Penguins!

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about what’s new in August, so I wanted to share some more details. Many of you have asked what the next party will be… I’m happy to announce that it will be a new and improved Adventure Party!!!

See if you can guess what else is coming in August from these picture clues:


In other news… I wanted to introduce you to the newest official Club Penguin blogger… DAFFODAILY5!


Daffodaily5 will be posting UK-exclusive news and updates right here on the What’s New Blog! She’s really nice, so make sure you introduce yourself.

Until then… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Well, it looks like Screenhog has been well and truly replaced (so sad, isn’t it!) , but Daffodaily5 looks quite promising. Its fabulous, the UK now have a blogger who can give official UK statements, rather than the stupid mixed up US ones.  And quickly guys, buddy Daffydaily5 before she is like Billybob and Happy77! Here is my rather successful attempt!

And just a little something I did the other day, it was SOO fun!


So I guess thats all about Daffodaily5 for now, check out a NEW post about the new revamped Adventure Party, really exciting!


Dj Stores


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