NEW innocent adventure party – starting 22 august

Hello penguins!

Below is the post which Billybob recently did, and it included this image, lets see what we can see!


  • A big splatter
  • A tropical flower
  • Herbert drinking something (one of our smoothies?)

So those are the 3 things I can see. The big splatter, I don’t know? The tropical flower, well, the island is going tropical climate, or its on an island which we may discover with Rockhopper. Herbert? I think I get the plot of this party, the island goes tropical, Herbert comes and takes the island as his paradise, he has stolen all our smoothies, EPF work together to get rid of him, normal penguins gather more fruit and make more smoothies in the game. Sounds neat so far!

The bananaphone has not yet got back to me, so I am waiting for that, but this explains enough. This confirms that it isn’t a Fruit Party, its a Tropical Adventure Party, and we also get to learn about fruits, as in the fruit hunt, we get information about a fruit, and then a quiz when we find it, and that is CONFIRMED.

I don’t mind this party, it will not advertise innocent at all, there will just be a microsite on, not much of a big deal of ‘3rd Party stuff’ is it. Promoting? It is good, because of the Ultimate Jam, I kind of like Shake It Up, it is actually a very funny programme, and to be honest, it isn’t just for girls and all that. So on, it wouldn’t be Club Penguin liable of third party links, it will be Disney UK, and this isn’t Club Penguin’s fault, innocent partnered with DISNEY, it was DISNEY who decided to bring this campaign to Club Penguin, I bet Lane Merrifield never got a choice! And this is also good because there may be a The Dude costume or The Dude is a mascot, as he is quite cute, I can imagine him bouncing around the island, like Happy77 being a snail in Penguin Chat!

So that is the Tropical Adventure Party all wrapped up and ready to go!

Waddle on, and keep healthy!

Dj Stores


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