Grrr.. – Spanish Meet-up – TATO MAXX??!!

Not very pleased at the moment. You know that meet-up, I went to the Spanish one, and it turns out it was for official Spanish CP Blogger, Tato Maxx.

I got annoyed, but I will examine the chat log tomorrow, as I recorded 7 minutes worth of footage, before I got a 10 minute ban.

Here is the single picture I took. I cannot publish the footage as it contains *strong language*


Well, at least I saw someone with an Astro Barrier pin and E-reader.

Waddle on! (English penguins at least)


What the August Preview on the Club Penguin Blog was

You may remember this image being posted on the Club Penguin Blog, well, I have cracked what they all are!

The first one is where you get chased by the giant watermelon in the Temple.


The second one, as rightly pointed by one of our fellow viewers, is actually a bit from Penguin Style.


And finally, Herbert, IS NOT up to some plan, so EPF August is called off, HOWEVER, there is chance for the Halloween Party to be scrapped, or it be an EPF Fair, or Sensei and the EPF team up in November, but, what is most likely, is that we wait another year to see Herbert’s devious plan. The third picture is him in Smoothie Smash, I only get him posing like that in a stamp.


I have an idea of what may happen. Just like a year ago and the Quest III Dragons which we defeated. Herbert may steal the smaller Big Big Kahuna, and make it angry again, on the EPF Roof, like then, so we have to make it happy again, but Herbert would’ve made some tweaks…

So I consider this, blog thing solved!

NEW EPF Message – Jet Pack Guy – 30/08/2012

Hello penguins,

First, I was going to post this, I saw it, but Trainman got the scoop, 1 MINUTE after I was just about to publish it, so I decided to do it now.

Due to me currently partying with the Spanish peeps, I have used an image from Club Penguin Memories, so ta.

I don’t want to get my hopes up, but it looks like this BIG BIG KAHUNA thing is actually happy now. Glad we calmed it down at last


Yeah, I totally agree Jet Pack Guy, toootally.

Smoothie Smash Related Updates

Hello penguins,

I am just about to go to the Coffee Shop meetup, but it looks like I will be going to the Spanish one! So 9.00PM UK time, 1.00pm PST!

As for now, here are a few Smoothie Smash updates:

Just like all the other games, Smoothie Smash has been added to the map.


And as promised, for the length of the Adventure Party, Smoothie Smash will be at the Cove, Forest and Dock too!



And since the Town was full on the English servers, and I have now moved to the Spanish, while only knowing one word of the language, so I will be shouting HOLA! HOLA! DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?.

While this update has happened on the English version, I could only take a picture of the Spanish version, but you get it.


Waddle on!

Meet-up Times

Club Penguin is having several meetups tomorrow in the new Coffee Shop. Here’s a roundup of them all:

  • For German players, the server Handschuhe at 15:00 Germany Time (I am NOT attending this one)
  • For English players, the server Snow day at 12:30 PM PST (I will be attending this one)
  • For Spanish players, the server Géiser at 1:00 PM PST (I may be attending this one)

If Club Penguin announces French and Portuguese times I will update this post


  • Get online 2 hours early to guarantee a place, 1 hour to just get a place, and 30 minutes and under you have to rely of luck, as it will be very full.
  • Only stay at the Coffee Shop, nowhere else, if you leave, you may not be able to get back in again, I have made mistakes like that
  • Leave enough space for whichever mascots attending to move around, otherwise it will REALLY lag.

The Fair 2012 confirmed – with ability to save tickets!

The Fair has been a party since September 2006, and this year, we all thought it was going to not be there, but now it has been confirmed by Billybob during a meetup which wasn’t really prepared beforehand.

First, I shared a suspicion with Trainman1405, I just didn’t have the time to correct my posts, so it was first kinda given away in the Club Penguin Times:

September 6th:

Costumes to clown around in. Moo! Coming soon to the Gift Shop.

September 13th:

Run away and join the circus with Fair furniture items for your igloo


But Billybob confirmed it all, IT ALL! Look at these images from someone on the Club Penguin Wiki and Orangeblue1

For the past Fair parties, you would lose tickets upon logging off, but now, this fabulous new feature of SAVING TICKETS, means we can like save up until the end of the party when we start buying things!

It is possible next month, PH and Rookie provide the games, as there are suspicions they are coming, and Rockhopper can’t sail away and then back to the Club Penguin island, and can’t stay forever!

Waddle on!

Club Penguin Times – Issue #358

Sorry for not posting the Club Penguin Times for quite a long time now. This issue brings us to the 358th issue of the Club Penguin Times, so 42 more weeks until the GLORIOUS 400th issue!

The main headline this week is about Smoothie Smash being released in the Coffee Shop

The second headline is about the Big Big Kahuna being full, so that the end of all the excitement of this party?

Here are the upcoming events – which do you look forward to seeing?

The igloo winners were also announced on the back. I didn’t have the chance to enter, because I was on holi holi holiday!

First place: Ddwaddledd
Second Place: Ella8078
Third Place: Susmcd

Runner Ups:

  1. Alex King Ny
  2. Kaikai100
  3. Shawn Shawna
  4. C Troop28
  5. Oftek101
  6. Shaun16740
  7. Milito11
  8. Demetres7
  9. Dino Den 212
  10. Jellytoffee
  11. Lukeb46144
  12. Srhs
  13. Turk Ois
  14. Kkssaamm
  15. Chirssyboy
  16. Waddle6160
  17. Adam Is Me1
  18. Tulip5436
  19. Isaak Dog
  20. Cristjano1
  21. Ralphie29
  22. Cutepunker
  23. Jazz20896
  24. Fabricio C P
  25. Brandon7577
  26. Lusilete
  27. Hot Tuna
  28. Fredx6
  29. 1candy0
  30. Red498
  31. Jorge Fitch
  32. Bigfish4313
  33. Got Sand 25
  34. Matheus78756
  35. Ashley66725
  36. Shuji 1703
  37. Elis1575
  38. Lightyk
  39. Niconico365
  40. Lukimya

So that’s all the main bits of Issue 358 rounded up and presented to you!