ULTRA MEGA EXCLUSIVE – innocent microsite

Hello penguins,

With the brand new fruit-themed Adventure Party coming up, its about time I treat you to some UK exclusives, unwatermarked, and the exclusive password to enter the biggest Club Penguin competition EVER!

First of all, here is the homepage of the microsite:

It looks stunning! AMAZING! In the win a trip to Fruit Towers, every entrant gets a free 1 week membership, but you require a Disney.co.uk account, so it is kind of a big registration!

The answer is Grapes, so anyone in the UNITED KINGDOM ONLY can enter, but that is just the beginning of the competitions galore.

Here is the Collector’s Card, with all the items you can unlock! I hope to get them all, as well as enjoy the drinks (they are delicious!):

And now it is the moment we have all been waiting for, you can win 18 years worth of membership, and a years supply of drinks, Club Penguin goodie bag and 300 plush toys!

And we are proud to be the first, and only site to provide the secret password. The password is …. KIWI! Yep, KIWI is one of the passwords, everyone can use it, but only once!


Enjoy the Adventure Party, it seems like it is going to be an EPIC party!

Keep fruity,

Dj Stores


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