Major Changes to Club Penguin Factz

If you’ve been keeping in touch with Club Penguin Factz, and have been checking back here daily, you may have noticed that not everything that was needed, was being posted. The reason is because of some major complications which have been going on behind-the-scenes recently. This morning, Dhi228 and Xbird had a long conversation discussing some important things. Long story short, Dj Stores has been fired. The details are still a secret. We may reveal some of them as time goes on, but for now they are hidden. Also, Cooldude229 and Rockie805 have quit. Along with Dj Stores being fired and Cooldude229 and Rockie805 quitting, many new thing will happen. We will get a new theme soon, make a new header and background, and finally, start posting more. All of this will hopefully be done in less than two weeks.

Keep checking back,

-The Club Penguin Factz Team (which now consists of Dhi228 and Xbird)




46 thoughts on “Major Changes to Club Penguin Factz

  1. well at my country its morning so xbird i sent you a message it says what you need to do and if you cant do it all then leave a comment to let me know you can do it on different days also that message djstores sent was mean all i did was put a space in puffle escape i mean thats two words so thanks for helping xbird comment when you get the message

    • I’ve replied. And can I kindly ask you to only comment once at a time, instead of having like 4 separate comments? Thanks! All the comments use up our sites space.

  2. so my dreams ruined this stinks only if you were looking for authors because my mom said i can blog on websites like yours so if you ever looking for authors just leave a comment now im super sad and bummed out realy wish you two were looking for authors bye

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