Meet-up Times

Club Penguin is having several meetups tomorrow in the new Coffee Shop. Here’s a roundup of them all:

  • For German players, the server Handschuhe at 15:00 Germany Time (I am NOT attending this one)
  • For English players, the server Snow day at 12:30 PM PST (I will be attending this one)
  • For Spanish players, the server Géiser at 1:00 PM PST (I may be attending this one)

If Club Penguin announces French and Portuguese times I will update this post


  • Get online 2 hours early to guarantee a place, 1 hour to just get a place, and 30 minutes and under you have to rely of luck, as it will be very full.
  • Only stay at the Coffee Shop, nowhere else, if you leave, you may not be able to get back in again, I have made mistakes like that
  • Leave enough space for whichever mascots attending to move around, otherwise it will REALLY lag.

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